Along or alone?

“How many close friends do you have in your circle?” She: “Umm… around 6-7” “So, whom will you go to first if you are deeply hurt?” She: “No one! ๐Ÿ™‚“ ~ Meenakshi


4th May, 2019 It was afternoon, when my father returned from school. No, I don’t study in school anymore. And he wasn’t there to meet my teachers. Actually, he’s a school teacher. He came and after a casual chitchat, he took out a folded sheet of paper from his pocket. I didn’t know, what it … More Appreciation

Baby, can’t you?

You can love even if you’re broken, more than you deserved, in this world. You can love even if you’re hurt, more than your heart could take. You can love even if you’ve been betrayed by one or many. But, you can’t love… if you can’t show your broken pieces to the one. if you … More Baby, can’t you?

But why?

He: “But, why are you doing this? Is it really needed?” She: “Indeed… for my happiness and peace of mind, this time!“


“She will give you strength, patience and support. But, he will give you the opportunity.” ~ Meenakshi


Few days gone, today and I saw her again. There she came, opening the doors, doors to her heart… heart that’s been crying, ย for days and each single night. What does her heart want? any idea of her desire? Words out from her mouth, but feelings shedding from her eyes. I made a request, to … More Jacket

A wish…

My only wish is to see your hand in mine. Though, feelings find their way through words. I’m telling you, I only shy when you tease me. And now, the only dream is to, together, make all our dreams come true. I wish, someday, we’ll share our lives too. Bass itni si chahat ho, hatho … More A wish…