Section 377 Verdict: Does it matter to us?

Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code was introduced in 1861 during the British rule of India, calling gay sex as an unnatural offence. Recently, Supreme Court of India decriminalizes this act.

So what? I am not a homosexual, it doesn’t matter to me.“- says a negligent individual. This statement could be mine, but it’s not. Well, anything does not matter to us until it happens to us or our dear ones.

Few months back, one of my old friends took me into his confidence, and revealed that he is homosexual. He continued why he decided not to share this secret before he turned eighteen, even tried to end his life once, and the critical point in his life when he admitted this for the first time to someone.

It took me a lot of courage in confessing this to my cousin; if her reaction had not been supportive then I would not have shared the truth of my life with anyone.“- were his words.

Imagine how it feels to live a fake life where you don’t have freedom to love someone, when all around you are the people who mock, nag and judge you for expressing your individuality. Living like this can break anyone. Mostly continue their lives pretending to be heterosexual , some move to another place while few end up taking their lives.

“This is not the administration who needs to change laws, but us who need to change the perception.”

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