The Secret

        Few days had elapsed since I made him confess his feelings for me. But there was a secret hidden in my heart now… in the depth of my heart and my soul! I didn’t know how to tell him, or should I even tell him? Was afraid… afraid that he would judge me! And in my nightmare, all his love for me would vanish just like that… and forever!

       That day when… we’re sitting together; while he was holding my hand and such a beautiful feeling it was! I tried to be happy, but he… he read my face and already knew how puzzled I was in the moment. I don’t know how he always does that! He came closer and asked, “Tell me, what happened?“. And I… I was quiet, though saying everything in my thoughts. And the next moment, tears started rolling down my cheeks. It was enough to puzzle him, to make him tensed. But I didn’t intend to do this, I swear.

        All he could do in that moment was… give me a tight hug. He looked at me and wiped those painful tears off my cheeks with his fingers, then said- “Hey! You need not say anything now, I don’t want to know even if you want to tell me“. I sobbed… could not utter a single word clearly, but I tried… I tried and revealed my secret. I could think nothing after that, was looking down and it was feeling like it’s the end.

        He stood silent over there, looking at me. Breaking the silence, I started,”Don’t look at me like this. It’s okay. Now you need not say anything. I know your answer. I won’t call y..“. Before I could complete my words, I felt his lips on mine. “Let me repeat my answer, if you din’t get it“- he smiled.

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