To her


Hope you are doing fine, girl! (For I don’t know her name, yet!) Of course, you must be doing good. For you have “him” with you, in your life, now 🙂 

I know you are a sensible, beautiful and an amazing girl… Wondering how do I know these things about you? Because I know… I know his choice. But still, I thought of writing this to you… to let you know few things… to make it easier for you… to not let you misinterpret his silent words (like I did) and most of all… to not let you hurt him unintentionally (like I did). After all, he’s just a kid at heart. (Trust me on this…)

This kid will care about you, but admitting about this caring shield is just not him. He will be protective for you… will be concerned, but he’ll not accept it in front of you. He will love you to moon and back, but not repeat ILY every time you say. It may hurt you sometimes. But, you’ll feel his love for you… in his actions when you are around… in his smile that he gets on your first sight… in his eyes which sparkle when they catch your reflection in them… 💕

Whenever, you will be about to step up on height, wearing heels… he’ll hold your hand and support you… without you even asking.

He may not compliment you in words, when you will get all dressed up and ask- “I’m looking good. Am I not?”… He’ll say no and laugh. Let me advise you a trick, you just need to make puppy face…😛 He can’t resist himself from falling for those cute expressions. He’ll come to you… and kiss you on forehead. I know, his mesmerized eyes will follow you everywhere.

When you’ll wish to get high and feel free, he’ll not accompany you. Because he knows… he knows, he needs to be in his senses to take care of you. He’ll not trust anyone else when it’s about you.

And if he is ever silent with you. Then, you will need to read his silence. He’ll tell you not to worry, and that… he is just tired. This, he’ll tell you to be the reason. But this is the only time… that he’s lying to you. He’ll always control his anger on you. Your single ILY will melt him like nothing. And yes, this time, he’ll bring ILY to his lips… indeed!

Though his b’day doesn’t happen to be much important to him. And he doesn’t expect anything on his bday. But, he’ll surprise you in different ways on your b’day. He will do anything to keep you amazed and happy.

Lots of small things are there… that will make you go “aww”! He will understand you… better than you… The things that even you don’t know about yourself… He’ll know…

I feel to stop myself now, for I can’t express him in words… Just take care of the little kid. I know, you’ll…

Best wishes from:

“No one in his life”


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