My beautiful old lady!

I looked at her face, and I could see only her beauty… you know… covered in wrinkles… and her gray hair… She’s old but so beautiful. And, I call her my ‘maa(mother), and sometimes even ‘my baby‘!

It all started more than twenty years ago, when I felt her warmth for the very first time. She thinks, god gifted me to her. (But she doesn’t know that it’s the other way round 🙂 ) I just don’t know where to start from, for she had supported me in every way… in every situation… when no one was there for me. I have cried in front of her, keeping my head on her lap. And, if you find this pretty normal while thinking it to happen in my childhood. Then, I find no embarrassment in telling you… that… it was the time after I had started voting in elections.

So, I am going to share a small incident with you… which again talks about my tears… but this time, in front of my old lady. (I’m the crybaby of my house, actually 😛 )

That day I was going through some career-related stress, and the sun had already risen like everyday. While getting ready for my work, I got agitated on something… easily… and had an early-morning argument with maa. (Sorry for that day, Maa…


My mood ruined our morning) But, then, our daily routine came to the rescue. (Thank god) With irritated facial expression, I moved my left cheek toward her and said- “Come here!” She came closer and kissed me on the cheek, and then, I kissed her back… as we always do before leaving the home.

I still remember her words, thereafter. Haha! She called me a quarrelsome and smiled. Well, I could also leave the home with a smiling face.

In the evening, I returned home. (And as expected, I found her in the balcony… waiting for me to come back 🙂 ) She took no time in opening the doors for her tired daughter. I entered my room, changed my clothes, gulped in some water; and rushed towards her. Then, I hugged her, and just started vomiting my feelings. And the stress in the form of tears welled up in my eyes. She made me sit on her lap, and wrapped me in her arms.

She tried to distract me, by talking about random stuff. (even tried gossiping , haha) But, this couldn’t trick my mind. But, I know she can’t see me like this, so I collected myself for her and told that I wanted to be alone for some time and wanted to go upstairs. And surprisingly, my old lady rejected this idea. She didn’t allow me to leave her until I started feeling okay.😀

(For she sees Indian crime shows like- Savdhan India, and Crime Patrol… And she thought, I could harm myself in that condition… 😛 Oh god! I’ll need to cut the cable connection in my home 😀 )

These small things are, in which her beauty lies. And, she’ll always be beautiful… no matter what her age is! She is my source of strength, courage, and happiness.
Love you too, maa 💕

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