Shout it loud

There had been some noise around me, in last few days. God! Anyway, whatever it was, I shouted out loud, loud enough to let all listen to my voice, my words, in this noisy world. I did it, so that I can calm down the noise inside my head, so that I can get a … More Shout it loud

Morning magic

Hola! In my previous post Yes, one day, I talked about the day when I’ll make my dreams come true, and that I had just recollected myself that time before I started writing last night. So, after penning down things that were in my mind, I was quite relaxed, and could sleep well. Well, in … More Morning magic

Yes, one day

Yes, I’ve dreams that I’ve to make them to the reality. Yes, I’ve goals to achieve. Yes, I’ve few milestones to reach. And one day, I’ll do it for sure. Yes, it’ll take some time, may be a year or two, I don’t know but I’ll not leave it. I’ll do everything possible to achieve … More Yes, one day


Your eyes, I reside in them, so don’t shed these tears, my love! Let me be with you, this way. This wound’ll heal soon, and this moment too, shall pass away, so why? Why do you moan, my love? You shall get who’ll want you, and you! The essence of your beauty is like a magical … More Immanent