Something To Say…

It’s been a few weeks that I haven’t written anything.

For I feel, we don’t write to say something, but we write when we have something to say.

Well, I have met in my life, so many people, so far. And of course, I’ll be seeing many more in future. Yes, there have been moments, when I got attached to some of them emotionally that it seemed hard to be without them really… until… I actually was!

Few stayed, and left by few… left with a message unsaid. I have realized, it’s always on us, if we want to learn from that or want history to repeat itself. For, history repeats itself until we learn what it wants us to. But how can I forget, Every positive value has its price in negative terms…

With every person leaving, it started being harder and harder to trust a new one. It’s actually not bad to get hurt, but it often scared the hell out of me to get hurt for the same reason, again and again. But then I learned what I was required to, I guess, to very much extent.

The people who stayed in my life, who have loved me so far, are those who have been my supporters and therapists πŸ™‚ Because of them, I still allow people in my life, I still allow them to teach me something new even in case they leave… and so should we all! For, it would help us to grow, and to understand more about life. Always remember, the meaning of life is to give life a meaning.

Take care πŸ™‚

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