I wasn’t willing to pen down these things, had thought of something else to write, something sweet and lovely. But… but it somewhat feels the same as the urge to smoke, that crept over me once in the past. That once, din’t allow me to focus on anything else. I started feeling stressed, irritated and my heart rate increased when I dwelt on the fact that I couldn’t have it.

The same restlessness, I feel when I see you going away, and away… just so far that I can feel the distance every moment. It’s like an adrenaline rush, I get all tense and keyed up, I’ve got this nervous energy that needs an escape.

But you know, it was easier to deal with that urge, to deal with that craving to smoke. For I knew it’s not good to my health, for some obvious reasons. But, it’s being harder to deal with this, with this urge, to see you, to talk to you, to feel you.

Anyway, I guess, it’s important to deal with this urge too, just like before.

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