Little Souls Need Support

Of course, you have seen so many little kids! So close your eyes for few seconds, and think about any one… probably your daughter, son, niece or nephew… anyone! Imagine that face, that cute smile, how it can make you forget everything in the world! Those little lips, covered with icecream, and when you ask for her icecream, she would make you chase it. Haha! Whenever you reach home from work, and those tiny hands just try to wrap your body, oh my god! it feels amazing. Could you just feel it? This feeling, can never be expressed in words, no matter how much I try!

They are little humans, so little in size and age but so full of energy, innocence, optimism; and the list goes on.

Now let’s do one thing, think of another face, whom you see almost everyday while stopping by any traffic-light. Worn-out clothes, tangled hair, dirt on face and tiny hands, those eyes say a lot only if you can read them. For me, eyes are windows to the soul of a person. And if I ever fall in love with someone then indeed, the person must have beautiful eyes! For, eyes never age! Probably, this nature of mine is what makes me feel the pain in their eyes. But I can tell you, many might not even look at them, trying to ignore them or at the most, give them some money, I guess!

If you see the kid of your home in pain, or in problems, then will you just look away from her? Or you’ll just give money for the treatment and continue with your stuff? Definitely, NO. I agree, there are lots of such kids, who need our support but we can’t do things for everyone. I agree, I understand. But who said, you have to do it at once, and for all, just now?

Since I’m working full-time in the weekdays, I can’t give all my time to the little souls out there. But, I’ve started, on weekends at least. I have recently joined an NGO in Delhi only, that works for underprivileged children. It was the orientation, today; and it went pretty well. Soon, I’ll be on-ground with those kids. So, let’s see what I can do for my happiness! Yes, for my happiness! For it makes me happy and feel good when I see them smile and that too because of me. So, I’ll try. And I know, it’s a long way to go!

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