This Breath Could Be Last

So, it’s Friday and I had already planned my weekends few days ago- tomorrow I’ll see my friend and then the day after tomorrow, I’ll meet my new kids (remember, the NGO thing)! So today, after getting back to home, I had to get my eyebrows done.

But… wait, wait, wait! Something happened, while coming back in bus. I just got all blackout, not sure what it was, but I started feeling unwell that time, and this was it! Co-passengers were good, they helped me out, gave me some water, and I was all good again, just in few minutes. It was for the first time and I guess, probably due to little weakness.

Anyway, I got back home, and a thought passed across my mind and stayed there actually, what if that would have been the last time I was seeing the world around me? what if that would have been my last breath? I had planned things for this weekend, my eyes have dreams that are yet to come true, what about those? What if these eyes would not open again? I have to achieve so much in my life, I see a future so inspiring and lovely, though full of challenges and with ups and downs… sometimes, downs and downs but worthy! Everything would have been vanished with me, just like that, in no time. And I… I’ve been planning things in advance, though I don’t even know which breath could be my last!

I’ve just taken the road to my dreams, haven’t even move any far. I need uncountable breaths before I stop and give in to the ultimate truth of death. I would need all these breaths, few breaths for making them smile, few for taking care of them, few to see them touching the skies, and of course, few to teach them to continue the legacy of humanity and love.

This can seem absurd to you at the moment, you think you have enough time to do things that you wish to. But, believe me, you don’t! You never know, when life can turn its back on you and move away, leaving you in the hands of demise. So, go out, get it all, get it all what you want to! And never ever limit yourself!

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