Is it really your Dream?

Few weeks ago, I had posted, telling How it’s good to be confused about career? Well, recently, I felt to go deeper into this topic, so here is something I’d need to ask you.

Do you know, what do you want in your life? apart from these lame things like- 9 to 5 job, being confined to a cubicle in some office! Uhh, come on! This is not what you’re born for, at least I wasn’t!

Though I’m working in an MNC, but I know… I know what I want from life, which I haven’t shared much with everyone around me. Often, we got stuck in situations, where we can’t do what we really want to. But… (Oh yeah! there comes a ‘But’, haha, and I love this, for it shouts out the reality in words) But, treat it as a stepping stone and not the final destination.

People say that you can’t do it, they may be right; people say you can do it, and they still may be wrong! For a fish can’t fly, it’s been there to adorn the nature, it has its own colors, own shades, it’s simply unique! Discover your uniqueness, and follow your instincts… In this world full of people who’re not happy at heart but who only brags, you don’t have to lose yourself; what they feed into your young minds, you need not gulp it.

I’ve seen kids around me, whom when I ask what they want to be, they say pilot, doctor, manager and so and so… but don’t even know what it actually means to be a doctor or manager! So they are not dreams yet, that is just a piece of data fed into their minds. So, “don’t follow a dream you dream with your mind, follow a dream you dream with your heart”

And no matter what your age number is, you can do whatever you feel like! So, I hope, you follow the compass of your soul, and move towards your direction… not the right, not the wrong, but only yours!

All the best 🙂

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