Yes, one day

Yes, I’ve dreams that I’ve to make them to the reality. Yes, I’ve goals to achieve. Yes, I’ve few milestones to reach. And one day, I’ll do it for sure. Yes, it’ll take some time, may be a year or two, I don’t know but I’ll not leave it.

I’ll do everything possible to achieve them all, so that I won’t regret in my old age, that I could have done this and this, so and so. I’ve only this one single life, I can’t waste it on the things not so significant. For, I’m not sure about the people who are going to be with me or leave me in long-run. All I know is, I’ve to be with myself till the moment I’d take my last breath.

I’ll be the person of values, one day, that one would see and be inspired from. By inspiring others, I don’t mean it to be through my writings only, but with my thoughts, my deeds, with my personality as a whole. For, if actions are different from words, then it won’t be any fun.

Yes, there’ll be people, I’d say crowd, for they might not have any single face, who’ll criticize me, who’ll try to stop me, who’ll try to restrict me with their thoughts, with their perception about me, with their actions, but no… I won’t let them stop me. I may feel weak sometimes, I may cry like a child, probably just like I was few hours ago. This may hinder, but can’t stop me. And I’ll walk again with pride, on my way, collecting myself, as I have done just now.

For this, I know, I’ve to stop bothering about the fickle faces over there. I’ve done that, and I’ll always do that. I’ll not forget the pain that I went through, and I might be going through. For, this pain, it would be my strength. Yes, I used to be full of love, may be I’m even now. But it’s time to love my own self, and not anyone else.

I’ll make myself proud, one day. I know, one can’t change the world, but I’ll do the things, that would affect many, and then there would be an army, that would change the world.

I know, I’ll fall down, for it won’t be easy to do what I want to, in the life. I’ve responsibilities of being a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend. Soon, don’t know when, but I’ll be having responsibilities of much more than these relations. But, I’ll not give up, never ever. For I’m daughter of a father so strong. Though, I haven’t spent much time with my grandfather, but I know about him, I’ve heard about his bravery, his intelligence, from many. I’ll make him proud, wherever he is now, may be one of the stars over there in the sky that is the brightest of all.

Yes, I’ll do it.

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