Morning magic


In my previous post Yes, one day, I talked about the day when I’ll make my dreams come true, and that I had just recollected myself that time before I started writing last night. So, after penning down things that were in my mind, I was quite relaxed, and could sleep well.

Well, in the morning, I was feeling kinda better. I knew, if I’d sleep myself to cry, my morning would have been terrific 😛 So, it’s always what I do, trying to sleep with a mind so quiet like middle of ocean, even if not with a smile on face.

I woke up, touched the earth, the first thing that I do every morning. For, I believe, mother earth is the one who always carry me throughout my day. Actually, it’s a habit since I was in my middle school. Anyway, I freshened up, and took out my yoga mat. Yes, I do practice yoga, and it feels so amazing, so peaceful. Yoga is not an exercise, it’s a feeling for me. It calms me down, my stress-buster, an escape from this mortal world, but still in the same world!

I know, some of you may find yoga tedious. Well, I don’t. It’s my love, just like my dancing. And of course, there is music that I can listen to. At 5:30 in the morning, when only few are in senses, while others happen to be in deep sleep, believe me, there is silence that doesn’t kill. For there is music that the nature is playing, chirping of birds, wings flapping in air. But, it all gets out of earshot later, somewhere, in the noise.

It’s the time, when the sun hadn’t shown up in the sky. And you woke up, before the sun 🙂 And, you see a red ball in the sky, showing up from the east. You can only gaze at it, for few minutes. For it’s a baby, yet. Later, it touches the sky so high, that no one dares look at it.

So, morning is always magical, and so is the night. Soon, I guess, I’ll be sharing the magical moments in the night. Hope, you too wake up a little early in any morning, and witness the same. If you do, I’d love to hear about it.

So, now, I need to go to sleep. For, I’ve to wake up early to see the morning magic. And then, I’ll meet my NGO kids in the day. It’s Sunday, already! Haha!

Good night, and sleep well 🙂

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