Not romance, but love

I had decided not to write about love, few days ago. But today, I felt, that decision was meant to be for romance, but not love. For, love is different, love is everywhere, and romance is simply a part of love.

Well, I was with my papa (my father), in the morning, and I got to see some stray dogs on our way. We stopped, one of them was a black bitch. She came to me, and started wagging her tail. Though, it was the first time that I was seeing her there. I did what I would do with my pet. I caressed her head, and she was kinda scared what I felt, for her eyes were blinking too fast as if she thought I was going to shoo her away or something similar. Are you wondering, she was wagging her tail then how could she be scared and not be happy? Yes, that’s what I used to think. But, wagging her tail may mean to show different emotions.

So, I was caressing her head, and after few seconds I stopped, taking back my hand. But what she did, was funny. Haha! She started pushing her head onto my leg, asking me to repeat that. I started doing that, and then I stopped again, to see her reaction. And yes, she again asked me to show love in the same way 🙂 At last, after playing this game for few minutes, she moved back to take her meal. But, it left me laughing and smiling. For, it was our first interaction. And she was lovely.

Actually, I don’t have any pet, and I am not planning to have any. Yes, I want one, just like a mother can desire for a baby. There is a reason, why I haven’t entered the home with any pet yet.

Anyway, I just felt like sharing it here. I wish, I could capture those moments too and show you 🙂 But, I was so busy in living those moments that I forgot to take the phone out of pocket.

Truly said- the moments not captured, are the moments that you live the most.

Keep loving! Be happy, and feel every moment 😉

With thoughts,

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