To you, feeling alone!

Don’t do this to yourself, dear. Just listen to me once, before you decide anything. Come here. Come, and sit close to me. You are not alone. What I said? YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I know, you feel aloof at times. But it’s just a season, and will change soon. This winter of cold emotions, will soon be gone. And we’ll welcome spring, together.

Trust me once. I know, you want to trust me, but you are scared, that I’ll do the same what others did. I know, it’s not easy for you, not at all, to be vulnerable again. But, it’s about you only.

So, allow me. Please! Let me hold your hands. Look above, straight into my eyes. For, eyes never lie; like words do. I can see my reflection in this salty fluid. I won’t wipe them off, for it’s been too long that you’ve been acting strong. It’s too much for a beautiful soul like yours, to handle all this alone. So, can I play a spear carrier in your story?

Baby, you can’t fake anymore, and you need not fake anything, not with me. I won’t judge you, I won’t question you. Be yourself, dear. Hug me, and cry until these tears forget their way. I’m here only, as long as you want me to be with you. Share through words, if you are able to. And let me kiss away your pain, when your pain will be louder than your words.

I’d share, I too went through such pain, once in my past, and those scars are still there. And I won’t lie to you. These scars often hurt, when someone touches them. But they are covered with smile. I too wanted to be alone, wished to stop taking more breaths. For it seemed to be the only way to end the pain, the pain that no one was able to feel. But I’m here, asking you not to end your pain along with your life.

I know, my situation was never same as yours. I know, we are not alike. We are different, in different terms. But, pain has no face, my love. It’s the same, whatever its reason is. These tears are no different, dear, which you can see rolling down my cheeks too. I can feel the pain buried inside your heart. Let it flow down, from your eyes. Don’t stop yourself. And, let me be with you.

With love,

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