FIND a place to get LOST

A place… that is of so serenity, where you can get lost from this mortal world… where you can’t lie to yourself, standing in shower of answers to all you can ask for.

Draining all your doubts in life, moving you to present, away from the future and the past… And it is the place where you’d find yourself… So, find it if you haven’t, yet!


For me, this is it! “Bangla Sahib Gurudwara (New Delhi, India)”

It’s the worship place of Sikhs, mainly. Well, I’m not a Sikh. But, this is the place where I feel connected with. And, I’ve been going there for last three years, I guess. Especially, when I don’t get a clear vision in my life, I just go there and sit alone. Those who have read about me, have an idea how it was in 2015 (three years ago)! So, it’s been like a silver lining when black clouds had covered the sky of my life and I wasn’t able to see things in so dark.

I don’t know why and how, whenever I cross my legs on the floor there, tears make their own way to see this outside world… as if this place is trying to drain out all my pain that hasn’t vanished yet, just covered, leaving healed me behind!

Well, there is water so beautiful! For, it reflects the beauty of Gurudwara, day and night. And water plays its part well, being so serene and still. And the same I try, being calm and composed, so as to see my true self! For, I’ve understood, emotions of anger, jealousy, and hatred are going to take me nowhere… may be just away from myself! So, I just try. It takes time, sometimes more, and sometimes less. I keep on practicing.

And there are fish, so many, and so different in sizes. I can gaze at them, for time and time. They look adorable, so exquisite.

So, if you ever get a chance to visit Delhi, you should definitely go there and witness its beauty yourself 🙂

And this place can be different for different us. To few, it can be woods. While, to you, it can be simply terrace of your building. Doesn’t matter! Let me know if you’ve already found your place of serenity. But, don’t confine yourself to your room.

Until next, take care. Good night, and sleep well!

With thoughts,

11 thoughts on “FIND a place to get LOST

  1. Loved the title first n then the content made it an awesome read👏
    Blessed are the souls who can feel such a solace at any point of time😇
    Havent visit it but I m sure It would look more blissful on Diwali 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

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