Out of comfort zone

It’s going to be around two years in my first job. And, it wasn’t something that I had thought of, or ever wanted. Well, I just landed myself in this, for some reasons. But, this eventful journey added a big value to my life.

Though, the days weren’t the same as they were in my college at all. I was paying to my college authority. So, it was me who was more important, and the one to decide things on my own. But, when I stepped out of my college, into the corporate world, I was getting paid. I was, then, answerable to those who were crediting a monthly amount to my bank account ๐Ÿ˜›

Yes, the beginning was actually tough for me. For, I had never listened words from anyone, never let anyone tell me how I should behave, and I had always been the one who’d tell you on the face if I ever got hurt by your words or actions. But in this new world, I couldn’t stick to being my true self. I’ve been an extrovert, chirpy one. But, this new phase was affecting me. I guess, I needed to mould myself, as a means to survive here. So, I learned things, so many, from giving fake smiles to behaving good with even those whom I din’t like. Haha!

At times, I even cried in washroom, for not being able to defend myself when I wasn’t wrong, for being in a world that I never wanted to be in. I had seen heights of diplomacy, hypocrisy; that I would never tolerate in the world outside. It started affecting me, and I let it affect my personal life too. Yes, it was my fault that I let it did. It took me time, in shielding against all this. And now, I know that I can manage anything like this in future and I won’t let anything take away my smile even for a while. So, I tasted this flavour of life too. And, I’m glad at the end that I did.

There were things, that I’d add to it. Like, I couldn’t bunk my office and go out, whenever it would rain and the weather would seduce me ๐Ÿ˜› I wasn’t allowed to leave the office before I’d complete the hours, as I could do in the college whenever I’d wish to! And of course, I wasn’t a free bird anymore. I was given bribe to compromise with my freedom. And I did, forย almost two years. So yes, it’s time that this bird should fly high while having faith on her wings ๐Ÿ™‚

Apart from these emotions, there were some “first” moments that made it really worthy. The first smile my parents got on their faces after getting my appointment news! My first salary, and the gifts that I presented to my parents with that money! My first appreciation, my first appraisal!

The things, so different, got me out of my comfort zone and often made me proud of myself. And this is why, I mentioned it adding big value to my life. For, it made me grow in my personal life. So yes, the situation that breaks us makes us stronger than before.

~ Meenakshi

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