Let’s dance, my love!

Hold me, come on, let’s dance!
You say, you don’t know how to,
but I know you can, my love,
if you really want to! πŸ˜‰

Look into my eyes… and, follow my lead.
Come here, closer… that I can feel you breathe!
Come here, let me guide your hands!
Oh god! It’s amazing, feeling your touch on skin of mine.
Come on! your hand, on my waist…
but don’t… don’t tickle me. Haha!
For, I can’t stop laughing.
and so… how’ll I dance, then, my love?

Feel the beats, not my heartbeat, this time…
See, listen, feel it! Not me! But this music.
Can you feel it? Come here!

I’m dancing, happy and so crazy!
For, I’ve both of you, my loves…
you and dance, or dancing with you,
or… I wonder, is it only you while dancing?

Aahha! don’t tease me, and stop drawing me away, with it!
Is it the scent, or is it you, that feels so sweet and amazing?

Just you… you, and you! or is it me, and me, who loves you?
What should I tell you? Come on, baby! Let me guide you!

Let’s dance!

I was listening to some romantic beats. I couldn’t dance, but only write about it πŸ™‚

With love and love,

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