To a broken heart!

Dear heart,

I heard a sound, that drew away my attention. Was it glass or was it you, that just broke down?

For few days, I’ve been catching sights of yours, when you were looking out of the window or looking in your past?

I know, how you’re feeling these days. And, it’s okay, heart. You don’t feel like talking to people around you… it’s okay. It’s completely fine. I know, why you’re avoiding them, why you’re faking this smile! Are you scared, what if they see reason behind your sadness, they might not understand it or they’d sympathize with you? But, you’re not in the state of listening things from anyone. You’re not in the state of processing those words of advice.

Wishing him to come back, reminiscing the moments spent together, regretting how you could’ve prevented it from happening? You feel, it’s your mistake? Well, it may be, or may not be! I was seeing you using up your time, wondering how he could say those things and hurt you! But heart, it could be intentional or accidental! It could be action or reaction! Whatever the reason be, let’s not waste time in ambling through memory lanes! What are you getting out of this… out of this numb state?

Will you mind me asking you for a night walk? Come on, it’s been long time that you’ve caged yourself in this small area.

Can you feel tender breeze from this cold night air, water on one side, and darkness taking a secret look inside these woods? Can you feel the peace in this silence? Aahha, did I just see you smiling? 😉

So, let’s talk about you! Tell me about your favourite cuisines. And, what’s your favourite color? Is it yellow? Haww, why is this smile fading away? Oh, I’m sorry… was it his favourite color too?

I can feel you saying, that you can’t love anyone in future, in the way as you did to him. But, believe my words, heart… you’ll love more now, for every broken piece of yours will be in so much love again! Before this, you’ll need to empty yourself of this pain. Only then, you’ll be able to fill yourself with love again 🙂

Try to understand the reason behind it, the reason why it happened to you. You’ve only two options now, you can either waste your time & energy in trying to reliving those memories or you can make your love (not the person) proud which was the actual plan, you know.

Fill yourself with love again, find your true self.

Yours sincerely,
One of your broken pieces

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