I see the moon and think of you. Or was I already thinking about you while my eyes were on the moon?

I see the moon, and try to paint you in my words. I hope, you find yourself here. If not, find yourself in my heart, dear! For, I’m mere words and you’re soul to these scattered words.

I had lost my way when I met you. But it seems like I met you to lose myself again but in your eyes this time. I found you and I found myself again, in your arms this time.

I ask- “You’ll not leave me ever, will you?”. “I’ll never leave you as long as it’s in my hands”, are few words from you.

I see the moon in sky, but so much noise nearby. It’s not been dark, yet. But, it’s winter and cold here where I’m sitting outside!

Future is uncertain, but not love. Neither you asked me for any reason behind this love, nor I could find one! For, love is love! And it doesn’t change like season or with any reason.

Now, it’s growing darker. Oh no, not in our hearts! But mere outside… No, I won’t ask you to come and sit here. No, I won’t ask you to touch me with your warmth this evening. For, warmth of love is already here…

~ Meenakshi

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