Should I quit?

In my previous writing “Out of comfort zone, you read how difficult it was for me to stay in this job! Well, this job has never been my dream. While giving the interview, I had already decided to not continue this job for long. And it’s been almost two years in this. So why should I continue it now? Why can’t I leave this job and move to the direction where I feel like going?

Job security and financial stability.
A pride in telling people- “I work as software engineer in this MNC”.
Seeing the message- “Your ICICI account has been credited with an amount of…” on last day of every month.

My current job has been giving me all these things. But, what’ll I get after resigning from this job? I’d say, freedom and happiness… sandwiched between the breads of unemployment and risk, slightly dipped in the ketchup of satisfaction. Haha!

Well, I’m always willing to take chances in my life. It’s simple… I don’t want to regret in life for not doing things that I once wanted. Of course, I don’t forget to weigh its future consequences before stepping ahead.

So yes, finally I’m here sharing it with you. I’ve already resigned from my current job. I’m only serving the notice period that would end with this new year eve. New year 2019 will actually be a new year in my life, a new year to my struggles and my growth, a new year to my happiness, one step towards my dream.

Ask yourself once- “Is it really your Dream?”

Take care and wish you good luck!

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