To you, hello!


Hope, you are doing good dear! Have you taken your meal? Tell me, how was your day? Actually, I wanted to have few words with you. You’re in a good mood, So I just thought, it would be the right time to talk about this.

I was reading a post somewhere, and he was giving her the reasons for not giving up on life. And it was pretty good what he had written. But I wonder if the girl was actually in the state of understanding those things? Wouldn’t it be better if she could understand these things before stepping into that state?

Dear, I really don’t want you to be in any such situation where you may want to bid goodbye to all of us. But if you ever be there in dark moments of your life, will you be able to share your pain with any of us? May be, no!

That moment is so deep and dark where one can’t see anything other than ending this beautiful life.

You too can see beauty of this life, can’t you? I know at present, you can, my dear! But will you feel the same when negative thoughts will be all there in your mind? Not sure? This is what I want you to realize in this moment of happiness. This happy moment is the time, when you need to develop your understanding. So, don’t let these moments go in mere enjoyment. Of course, enjoy… but, analyse it and move with developed understanding of life. It’s very simple my dear… you can’t learn how to swim while drowning in deep sea.

Think about it 🙂

(Well, I love to write letters. And you can easily see few in my posts. The only reason behind writing letters is, I can have a one-to-one conversation with you. Yes you, the one reading this right now!)

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