Tear, a keepsake

Have you ever experienced the moment when you’re feeling strong in one moment; but the very other moment few words tries to break you, melt you like nothing and a tear tries to escape your eye… But no! you are stronger now, so you don’t allow it to come out.

I’m not sure, how many of you have felt it!

So, why I’m sharing it with you? For, it was today only when I went through such feeling. What were those words? And who was ‘someone’, who let those painful come out and hit me?

He’s the engineer, who became a courier boy for me and surprised me after coming back to Delhi 😛 He’s the one who always make sure if I’m okay, even if I cough a little over the voice call. Oh yes, he’s the one who always listen to my nonstop nonsense. He’s my best friend. Oh, I’m sorry. Let me correct myself. He was my best friend.

With time, we see that things happen, they come, they go, leaving their footprints. So, for the moments that our friendship had witnessed so far, I’ll keep this last tear as farewell gift 🙂 I know, I’ve given you the same gift. I want to stop you, but I won’t. It’s important to go and grow through this.

Take care, Appie!

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