What are you waiting for? 2020?


It’s second day of the year 2019, and it seems to be just another beautiful day added to life. Beautiful? Yes, because your heart is still beating and you could make it to see this morning, dear. 🙂

So… what changed in your life apart from change in the calendar? And wouldn’t this change be possible if it’d still be 2018 and not 2019? Of course, it would be.

Do you really need “new year” to make a resolutions-list? Is it really worthy to wait for such reason to start moving towards your goals? NO…

Well, I’ve been listening and reading about new year resolutions from many. All of these are beautiful thoughts and impressive words, that can fill you with a positive energy. However, I felt like writing it down to say that it’s good to start, but not to wait. You’ve a lot to achieve in your life. So, don’t allow yourself to waste this time in waiting for the right time.

Everyone has different eye while welcoming the new year. As you may already know that I had quit my job, trying to test my potential in a different direction of my life. Well, 28th December of 2018 was the last day of my job. I had been serving the notice period, and that’s over now.

Coincidentally, I stepped into the new journey and this new year, around the same time.

What are you waiting for? 2020? 😉

Take care.

8 thoughts on “What are you waiting for? 2020?

  1. So true ! Many make mistake of starting year with declaring so many goals & later loose motivation to keep working.

    I think instead of sharing goals/resolutions with others , keep it to yourself & keep working towards it.

    Btw wish you a very happy new year & all the best for your new journey ♥️♥️😀

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