I’ll stay single until I achieve my goals. Oh yes, I’ve a dream too,
that often scares me… scares, if I’ll ever be able to make it come true!
But oh, that fear strengthens me. And, the dream is far ahead of me and my goals.

I’ll stay single until I make my father proud. For, he’s the man who’s always got my back. Oh yes, I’ll love him more and you’ll come at number two. Haha!

I’ll stay single until this soul is altogether healed and repaired. Oh so, you’ll get what you actually deserve.
And, I’ll support you in every way possible.

One thought on “Until

  1. I bet if asked, your father is already proud. I don’t know that we are ever completely healed. That could take a lot of valuable time. I’ve found that the right person can help you heal. xxx


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