4th May, 2019

It was afternoon, when my father returned from school. No, I don’t study in school anymore. And he wasn’t there to meet my teachers. Actually, he’s a school teacher. He came and after a casual chitchat, he took out a folded sheet of paper from his pocket. I didn’t know, what it would be. But, I was expecting it to be some sort of fun.

Well, that was a letter to my father, from one of the student’s mother in his class. I started reading it loud, saying,

Respected sir,

Parth’s books were not covered with brown sheet of paper. This is because…”.

I couldn’t read further, I just couldn’t… The words couldn’t come out of my mouth. The letter read:

“This is because, his father passed away recently and we are facing real financial problems. I could hardly manage to purchase his whole set of books and notebooks for this new session. We are living at my father’s place. My father is also suffering from throat cancer. His treatment is really very costly.

Therefore, please, for a short time, I’m unable to cover up Parth’s books. Please, don’t scold him. I’ll find a job very soon. Please, don’t deduct marks for cover sheets.

I shall be highly obliged.

Soniya (Parth’s mother)”

The only reason of sharing this here- do appreciate your parents. You have no idea, what they have done for you, how much they have sacrificed for your well-being, how many times they have pushed their limits for you and they’re still doing.

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