Want to know me?

Updated on: 28th October, 2018

To start with… I am a Delhiite (the one who belongs to Delhi, India) and have been an extrovert person as long as I can remember. I simply love dancing. For me, dancing is often a way of escape from everything.

Well, I always try to be there for friends whenever they are in need. For I know, how it feels when loneliness surrounds one.

Being the youngest one in my family, I have always been pampered. And it won’t be wrong to use Daddy’s Little Girl kinda slang for me. I have been brought up by a strong father, of course. I have been good at studies, sports, and earning since I started pursuing my undergraduate degree. Then, in 2015, something happened that changed my life. I don’t know if it was for good or bad! Though, I wasn’t ready yet, but life never asks you. Does it? I had to recollect my shattered self. Anyhow, I could find ways to avoid the emotional trauma. Gradually, I learned how to handle this. So yes, this was the first turning point in my life. After that, I got to see few more turning points, that defines me who I’m today.

The reason why I started writing here, after three years of that incident, is- I had collected so much within myself, that I wanted to share it with someone. Yes, I do have friends to share with. But… I just felt, it’s better to share on such platform. Hoping, one can learn things from my experiences. And, if you are reading this and have any kinda burden in your life, I would ask you to ping me (leave a comment). I know, it’s not always easy to talk with someone. But, trust me once. I promise, you won’t regret.

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