“She will give you strength, patience and support. But, he will give you the opportunity.” ~ Meenakshi

One-liner Story

My life is a story of mine, so I’m the main lead… If you get a chance to be its part, just play it well! 🙂 Listen you there! Don’t give more importance to anyone else other than you, in your life. They come for a reason. Try to figure out that reason, learn from … More One-liner Story

One-liner Oblivious

“Kuch din yun hi gumnamiyo me reh lene do, ek din aana hai jb khamoshiya bhi humara naam pukarengi…” Let me be consigned to oblivion for few days more, there will come the day where even silence will echo my name… A thought, that I couldn’t help writing! Good night and take care. Meenakshi