4th May, 2019 It was afternoon, when my father returned from school. No, I don’t study in school anymore. And he wasn’t there to meet my teachers. Actually, he’s a school teacher. He came and after a casual chitchat, he took out a folded sheet of paper from his pocket. I didn’t know, what it … More Appreciation

To you, hello!

Aloha! Hope, you are doing good dear! Have you taken your meal? Tell me, how was your day? Actually, I wanted to have few words with you. You’re in a good mood, So I just thought, it would be the right time to talk about this. I was reading a post somewhere, and he was giving … More To you, hello!

To a broken heart!

Dear heart, I heard a sound, that drew away my attention. Was it glass or was it you, that just broke down? For few days, I’ve been catching sights of yours, when you were looking out of the window or looking in your past? I know, how you’re feeling these days. And, it’s okay, heart. You … More To a broken heart!

To her

Heya! Hope you are doing fine, girl! (For I don’t know her name, yet!) Of course, you must be doing good. For you have “him” with you, in your life, now   I know you are a sensible, beautiful and an amazing girl… Wondering how do I know these things about you? Because I know… I … More To her