You are so lucky!

When you weren’t happy with your hair texture, there was someone who lost his hair after chemotherapy. You wanted new shoes, and there was someone with a desire to walk few steps on his legs, even once. You were sad when rejected in a singing audition, and someone wished to hear his own voice once. … More You are so lucky!

Tear, a keepsake

Have you ever experienced the moment when you’re feeling strong in one moment; but the very other moment few words tries to break you, melt you like nothing and a tear tries to escape your eye… But no! you are stronger now, so you don’t allow it to come out. I’m not sure, how many … More Tear, a keepsake

Wherever you are…

Where are you? I don’t need you, but I’m falling apart. I don’t need you, but may be, I need your support. I’ve met few before, trying to save “me” within myself for you, the love that I want to give to you, the care that you deserve, the support that you’d need from my … More Wherever you are…

Shout it loud

There had been some noise around me, in last few days. God! Anyway, whatever it was, I shouted out loud, loud enough to let all listen to my voice, my words, in this noisy world. I did it, so that I can calm down the noise inside my head, so that I can get a … More Shout it loud


I wasn’t willing to pen down these things, had thought of something else to write, something sweet and lovely. But… but it somewhat feels the same as the urge to smoke, that crept over me once in the past. That once, din’t allow me to focus on anything else. I started feeling stressed, irritated and … More Urge

Section 377 Verdict: Does it matter to us?

Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code was introduced in 1861 during the British rule of India, calling gay sex as an unnatural offence. Recently, Supreme Court of India decriminalizes this act. “So what? I am not a homosexual, it doesn’t matter to me.“- says a negligent individual. This statement could be mine, but it’s … More Section 377 Verdict: Does it matter to us?