You are so lucky!

When you weren’t happy with your hair texture, there was someone who lost his hair after chemotherapy. You wanted new shoes, and there was someone with a desire to walk few steps on his legs, even once. You were sad when rejected in a singing audition, and someone wished to hear his own voice once. … More You are so lucky!

Tear, a keepsake

Have you ever experienced the moment when you’re feeling strong in one moment; but the very other moment few words tries to break you, melt you like nothing and a tear tries to escape your eye… But no! you are stronger now, so you don’t allow it to come out. I’m not sure, how many … More Tear, a keepsake

A mystery

I see a mystery behind those sunglasses… Is it only a pair of dark eyes, so beautiful but concealed? or is it your love that you’re scared to exhibit… oh yes, to the cruel world outside? I feel like naming it pain within you, that you’re trying to hide. But no, there is a smiling … More A mystery

Wherever you are…

Where are you? I don’t need you, but I’m falling apart. I don’t need you, but may be, I need your support. I’ve met few before, trying to save “me” within myself for you, the love that I want to give to you, the care that you deserve, the support that you’d need from my … More Wherever you are…

Reason or love?

May be, you’re a shadow this moment, standing in dark somewhere and gazing at me through this light! I often try to bring you out of that dark world! But nevermind… Have you passed my way in the past, or may be… you are mere shadow yet! (For you) If my love is to your body and … More Reason or love?

To you, hello!

Aloha! Hope, you are doing good dear! Have you taken your meal? Tell me, how was your day? Actually, I wanted to have few words with you. You’re in a good mood, So I just thought, it would be the right time to talk about this. I was reading a post somewhere, and he was giving … More To you, hello!

One-liner Story

My life is a story of mine, so I’m the main lead… If you get a chance to be its part, just play it well! 🙂 Listen you there! Don’t give more importance to anyone else other than you, in your life. They come for a reason. Try to figure out that reason, learn from … More One-liner Story

Should I quit?

In my previous writing “Out of comfort zone“, you read how difficult it was for me to stay in this job! Well, this job has never been my dream. While giving the interview, I had already decided to not continue this job for long. And it’s been almost two years in this. So why should … More Should I quit?