Part of me

Well, you have read about me, here and there, on my site. But I realized, you still know almost nothing about me. For, I haven’t shared that side of mine with you, yet. Who knows me personally, knows how my writings are different from my actual personality. And, many of these were penned down when I was plunged into an emotion. I’d say, it was just hidden inside many layers, whatever I shared yet.

So, I thought of writing it tonight. For, I wanted to be honest with you about myself. Even if we don’t talk, if you are reading me then we do have a relation, an unsaid relation. And I respect our relation. So I can’t show you only one side of mine. And it doesn’t mean, those emotions were fake. No! They were as real as my existence.

I simply never intended to make anyone feel sad or feel any pain, through my writings. But, I guess, it just happened with the flow. Yes, I’m an emotional girl. I guess, very emotional… and you could have its glance in my blogs. And so, a revised version of “About me” is waiting for you here πŸ˜›

Well, you already know my name- it’s Meenakshi, and it means a woman with beautiful eyes. And yes, I think, it’s true for me. For, I just love my eyes. And you too might have read me saying things about eyes. I really feel, eyes can never lie and if I’d ever love a person then I’d have fallen for his eyes first πŸ™‚

I’m a chirpy person, and I love talking, like many other girls do. But I also know when to stop myself, and let the other talk. So, I’m good at making conversations with introverts πŸ˜‰ I love smiling, laughing, and seeing the same on other faces. At times, I’m at peak of my liveliness. I’m 20+, aha, don’t ask a girl about her age. Haha! But I’m still a kid at heart. I feel, we all are πŸ™‚ The only difference I see, some allow that kid to come outside while others don’t.

I’ve a habit, probably a good one, that doesn’t let me forget the good in people around me. And I really don’t want to draw a circle around me, that would keep anyone standing outside it, away from me. And the pain that I went through, in my life, was for good indeed. For, it became the reason that I’ve been growing.

I have grown the way, that it’s very difficult for me to be sad for a long time πŸ˜› And whatever the mood I’m in, I’m always ready to dance. Yay! To me, dance is way of channelising my energy, be it energy of pain or energy of happiness and love πŸ™‚

I’ve shared things, so random, whatever I felt like saying, whatever came to my mind. I know, there is a lot more to say, unsaid yet.